Medical Services

The following Medical Services are being provided in the tribal area

Institutional Services

District / Area Hospital Community Health Centres Primary Health Centres Sub Centres Medical Officer MLHPs at SC level ASHAs
1 Mulugu 1 - Eturnagaram
2 - Gudur
19 109 31 29 2 64 61 3 484

Mobile Services

MO’s of MCH & Epidemic Teams Ambulance services being maintaining by ITDA for shifting of poor tribal patients to higher heath facilities 108 Services 102 Services 108 Neonatal Service
Sanctioned-8, Filled-6, Vacant-2 03 Vehicles 11 Vehicles 10 Vehicles 01

Applications have been called through offline and process is going on for filling up the post of Vacant Medical Officers posts.

Status report submitted on Sickle Cell Anemia screening test started in Tribal Welfare Educational Institutions functioning in TSP area report as on 31-10-2015.

No. of Tribal Welfare Institutions of TSP Area Total No. of Children’s No. of Children’s Screended No. of Teams constituted (LT) Name of the Supervising Officer No. of Positive cases reported Equipment supplied for screening Remarks
135 12842 579 3 Medical Officer 01 Reagents, Solutions and Instrument provided Five test to the each children’s i.e., Sickle Cell Anemia, Thalasamia, Heamoglobin, Blood grouping RH typing.