Mission Kakathiya

The objective of Mission Kakatiya is to enhance the development of agriculture based income for small and marginal farmers, by accelerating the development of minor irrigation infrastructure, strengthening community based irrigation management and adopting a comprehensive programme for restoration of tanks.

A reconciliation survey was conducted to identify the exact number of all types of Minor irrigation sources in Telangana State. As persurvey 46,531 No of M.I, Small tanks, Percolation tanks, Private Kuntas and Small tanks (constructed by Forest Department) were identified for restoration.

The massive programme for Restoration of tanks is named as "ChinnaNeetiVanarulaPunaruddarana" and it is renamed as "Mission Kakatiya".

The Govt is planned to restore 9,306 Tanks every year (20% of total tanks) with an eventual target of restoring all 46,531 tanks in 5 years, in a phased manner.