Telangana ranks fourth in Tasar cocoon production in the country. The State is bestowed with 8200 acres of forest flora of T. tomentosa and T.arjuna for production of Tasar cocoons by the tribals in the districts of Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam and Warangal.

Tasar sericulture is one of the major livelihood for the tribals of interior forest areas where abundant food plantation is available. Tasarculture involves all the activities pertaining to rearing of Tasar silkworm (Antheraea mylitta Drury), harvesting of Tasar cocoons, production of Tasar silk yarn from cocoons and weaving of Tasar yarn into fabric. The major producers in the sector include Silkworm rearers, yarn producers and weavers.

There are around 500 households, mostly tribes, engaged in Tasar silkworm rearing in the State. Three crops of Tasar silkworm rearing are conducted in a year. The first (June-July) and second (August-September) crops are purely for seed purpose while the third is a commercial crop (November-December). On an average about 6.00 lakhs of Tasar dfls are brushed per year in Telangana with a production of nearly 2.00 crores of Tasar cocoons .

Govt. Tasar Seed Station, Jakaram:

The GTSS, Jakaram is having (28) Acres of Land with residence quarters and roads out of which (20) acres of Tasar plantation is taken up with T.arjuna under the scheme “Augmentation of Tasar Host Plantation under CDP”. During 2012-13, 80,000 nursery of T.arjuna raised and distributed to Nalgonda and Karimnagar Districts to take up plantation in Govt. Seed Farms”. The remaining area (5) Acres also bringing into cultivation of mulberry plantation and mulberry nursery during this year i.e., 2014-15 under CDP.

Govt. of Tasar Seed station, Venkatapur:- This farm is having (6) Acres land in Venkatapur Village & Mandal with Godown and office cum Grainage buildings. Moreover, tasar plantation is existing in (3) Acres with Terilenia Arjuna.

S.No Name of the Tasar Adda Mandal Natural tasar plantation available in Hect No. of Beneficiries
1 Shenigakunta Mangapet 25.00 Hect 10
2 Shapelly Eturnagram 20.00 Hect 10
3 Banajara Yellapur Thadvai 5.00 Hect 10
4 Mylaram Ghanpur 5.00 Hect 10
5 Jakaram Mulugu 3.00 Hect 20
6 Ramnagar Venkatapur 5.00 Hect. 30


Warangal District : PROPOSED TRIBAL ACTION PLAN 2015 – 16:-

In Warangal District Tasarculture is being practiced by the tribas as it is forest based activity. The tribals, Who are practicing tasarculture are mostly down trodden communities who are rearing tasar Dfls some on Nallamaddi and Erumaddi tress in the forest areas. Mostly tasarculture is being practicing in the TSP Mandals, MADA areas also in plain by the tribals. Hence, the following assistance are required to the tribals tasar farmers for getting good yields.

Hence, the action plan for 2015-16 is proposed as follows:

Scheme & Proposed activity No. of Units Unit Cost Proposed targets Subsidy amount to be released (in lakhs)
Physical Financial (in lakhs)
Assitance for Tasar Host Plantation maintenance i.e., bush clearance and basin formation etc., on 50% subsidy basis 200 3600/- 200 7.2 3.6
Assisatance for 50% subsidy on tasar Dfls Cost to (200) Nos tribal farmers for (3) crops for 600 Dfls @Rs.6/- each farmer 200 3600/- 200 7.2 3.6
Providing polythine coats to tribal farmers for getting protection in rainy season on 100% subsidy basis 200 400 200 0.8 0.8
Providing bicycles to tasar tribal farmers who are practicing tasar activity in deep forest for convenient to reach tasar rearing addas on 25% beneficiary contribution i.e, Rs.1000/- each farmer 50 4800/- 50 2.4 1.8
The SPTC Ekkala farm of ITDA is having 30.00 acres of land without fencing and bore well. Hence, it is proposed to take up T.arjuna plantation in vacant land and also required bore well with electric motor and pipelines under I.A.P., Scheme. 1 30,00,000/- 1 30 30
The Chalvai Sedd Farm is functioning in the TSP area and producing mulberry saplings every year but needs partial area of fencing as well as pipe lines (Plastic) for protection & irrigation purpose. 1 5,00,000/- 1 5 5






In Warangal District the following Achievements made during 2015-16 and plans for made to achieve the goals during 2015-16 as follows: Item UNIT 2014-15 2015-16 (Up to 10/2015)
Target Achivement No.of beneficiaries covered Target Achivement No.of beneficiaries covered
1 Dfls brushing In Lakh Nos. 0.86 0.38035 60 0.69 0.365 163
2 Cocoon Production In Lakh Nos. 27 5.156 60 22.35 6.564 163

The following officers/Staff are responsible for contacting and also information on Tasarculture.

1. Sri A.Narasihma Reddy (Mobile No.9949358979 ) - Joint Director of Sericulture Warangal

2. Sri B.Ashok Kumar (Mobile No.9000501485 ) - Asst. Sericulture Officer GTSS,Jakaram and Venkatapur

3. Sri M.Narender (Mobile No.9441770795 ) - Technical Officer GTSS, Eturnagram/Kothaguda