Telangana Rural Inclusive Growth Project (TRIGP):

The Mandals for development under TRIGP are identified basing on the criteria which are as follows:

The Population of SC and ST community is more than 42% of the total population of the concerned                      mandal

Literacy rate of females is less than 56 %.

67% of the total land available is not irrigated.

Basing on the above criteria, the Telangana Government has identified all the (5) mandals of ITDA                      Eturnagaram under TRIGP.

TRIGP – Human Development:

Sl. No. Mandal Model HHL HL NHL UC BO 2015-16 SB 2015-16 LUC LC
1 Kothaguda Gunjedu 228 3 225 0 27 0 13.5 0 62 81

Under TRIGP at 1/3rd Villages of a concerned mandal should be Open Defecation Free Village. As such, (7)Villages from each mandal have been identified for 100% ODF

SCSP-TSP -LPD-Mandal wise monitoring report (Dairy)
Name of the Mandal Type Total No Of Villages Total No Of Producer Groups No of members Amount of loan given (Rs)
Tadvai Small Ruminants 21 26 74 457 0 0 531 Rs.2,30,73,600/-

PoP -Devemeloment Report:

S.No Particulars
1 No. of PoP Mandal Samakhyas 5
2 No. of SC/ST Families Identified 27561
3 PoP Fund Sanctioned to VOs for Livelihoods (grant to VO) 36.20 Lakhs
4 Land Lease Fund Sanctioned to VOs (grant to VO) 46.20 Lakhs
5 SCSP/TSP Fund Sanctioned 1.19 Crores
6 NRLM Fund Sanctioned for Ultra poor 10.80 Lakhs
7 Total No. of families Benefited under PoP 1316